Jassy Dean Garden Safari 2012

Forde has been invited to submit three pieces for the Sealink Jassy Dean Trust Garden Safari 2012. Forde’s pieces will be installed at both Rorohara (Pie Melon Bay) and Te Toki Retreat. Forde has recently read Bruce Plested’s book, ‘Rorohara’, and the pieces will explore themes of connection with both land and sea. They will be sold in the Waiheke Bayleys Art in the Garden Auction on Friday 9 November 2012 with proceeds going to the Jassy Dean Trust.

 Waiheke Bayleys Art in the Garden

The annual Waiheke Bayleys Art in the Garden opens a display of Waiheke artists exhibiting throughout 8 of the 12 gardens of Garden Safari weekend and will feature sculpture, photo montage, pop art and easel painting displayed amid the flora and fauna. We hope you can join us on Friday, 9 November from 2-5 pm for Waiheke Bayleys Art in the Garden Preview and Auction, the self-guided art tour of 6 art placement gardens, concludes at 5.30pm for the art auction with drinks and nibbles until 7.30 pm at Mr. Bruce Plested’s property Rarohara, Pie Melon Bay. Guests will be welcomed to Rarohara with songs by a cappella group Little Sister. National favourite local personality John Hawkesby will entertain guests adding his flair and personality directing the art auction of the artists’ work.

Artists featured in the gardens and at the auction will be nationally & internationally renowned locals Fiona Pardington, Denis O’Connor, Chris Bailey and Emma Hughes, joined by Kelley Diener, Mahia Dean, Katie Trinkle-Legge, Gwen Rutter, Ilya Volykhine, Anton Forde, Emma Wright, Alison Blanchard, Jackie Guthrie, Jay and Maria Lloyd, Matthew Muir, Kiya Nancarrow, Danielle Fillion, Jasmine McCracken, Lyndal Jefferies and Jay and Maria Lloyd.