He Kainga Rangimarie – A Peaceful Home

Recycled Waiheke Jarrah Power pole Cross arms. Recycled 120 year old Waiheke Puriri Fencepost

In memory of Parihaka Kaumatua Te Miringa Hohaia (1962-2010) “It’s about bringing stuff out that makes people front up to our history and our future. Those are the things that Te Whiti and Tohu set as an example that could be achieved… There is a lot we can do on this land to recreate a relationship with the whenua itself.”

This piece uses the main symbol of Roimata or a teardrop. In this is a koru to symbolize new life from these tears. This piece was started on June 9th 2017 when the government made a formal apology to the people of Parihaka.  There are seven sets of three feathers (Raukura) which in stories have been connected with the appearance of Halley’s Comet during the occupation and the seven stars of Matariki symbolizing a New Year.

There is a figure at the top remembering those gone before who look over us and Te Maunga Taranaki. A toki made out of Puriri adorns this figure as a symbol of all the hard work and belief that has finally meant that an apology has been granted to all the people of Parihaka- those gone before and those that will follow. The words ascend in a subtle mountain form that sarts with I then WE then descends as follows

IWI- Tribe


WHENUA- Land/  Placenta

ATAAHUA- Beautiful

PARIHAKA- A small village on the coast of Taranaki where passive resistance was founded.

MANAWAORA- Hope/ Breath of life

RANGIMARIE- Peaceful/ Quiet

KOTAHITANGA- Unity/ Togetherness/ Solidarity/ Collective action.

2.7 meters tall  by 1.6 meters wide.

Exhibited at the Waiheke Art Gallery, Matariki 2017.