Past, Present & Beyond

A Commission consisting of three Jarrah sculpted Pou 2.5-3.5m tall. One male figure, a more feminine form and another younger-faced form. Completed April 2017.


After reading, researching and having a discussion with Michael Steedman of Ngati Whatua ki Orakei (who informed Forde of a wetland/ stream area that was known for its Tuna/eels, Koura/ Freshwater crayfish and Kokopu/whitebait across the road), Forde came up with the concept of three pieces for this beautiful backyard.

Forde explains, “I was awestruck when I went and stood in this magnificent garden. The pou needed to be of a height taller than people so as to evoke the feeling of a majestic connection between those viewing and the trees.” He decided to “create cloaked pieces to symbolise what has gone on before, the owners’ role in looking after the land presently, and what we all hope for the future.”

The big “Before” piece is a male squared figure at the back to invoke a feeling of protection. The “Present” piece is the link to the owners and the guardianship and obvious joy they have had keeping and looking after these treasures/trees. The third Pou will symbolise the owners’ children who have an obvious connection to the bush and New Zealand landscape. Each is adorned with a Taonga/necklace symbolizing a Toki/adze blade, a Matau/hook and a Koru symbol to connect with the work, the sea, and the growth that connects to these pieces, family and the land.