Exhibitions and commissions Forde has been involved in since Easter 2012.

2015 June- “Waiheke Winter Arts Festival”
2015 June- “Jostle” Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2015 April Commissioned Wharetana Bay
2015 February “Water water everywhere” Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2014 January/ February “Waiheke Heats up”Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2014 December “We Came By Boat” Sculpt Oneroa
2014 June- Commissioned “Te Rae Revisited” Point Chevalier.
2014 August Commissioned “Waiheke Revisited” Tiri Road Waiheke Island.
2014 March/ April- Te Atatu Revisited- Harbourview Sculpture Trail Te Atatu Peninsula
2013/ 2014 Dec- April Sculpt Oneroa Nga TokoTama whitu.Toi gallery.
2014 January The Art of Protest- Toi Gallery.
2013 September- Solo Exhibition- Listening to Silence- Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2013 June Mataariki Exhibition Toi Gallery
2013 April-May Exhibiting Toi Gallery
2013 February 20th- Matauranga Whakapiki Commissioned by Auckland University for a fifteen piece installation by Michael Steedman (Ngati Whatua) Kaiarahi Science ( Michael is prepared to act as a reference phone 02768526020)
2013 January 20th Sculpt Oneroa- The Kuia Know Too
2013 January 18th Sculpt Oneroa- Toi Gallery
2012 December 26th Waiheke heats Up- Waiheke Community Art Gallery
2012 November 10th-11th Jassy Dean Garden Safari
2012 November 9th Waiheke Bayleys Art in the Garden
2012 September 10th ‘Goldie Award’ commission
2012 July 9th Journeys- Toi Gallery
2012 June 22nd Whenua ki te whenua Mataariki
2012 April 11th “After” a solo exhibition- The Goldie Room

After (Written by Anton Forde in early 2012 for his exhibition at Goldie Vineyard)

Before. Trees.

Internal rings telling stories of seasons.
Outwardly barked and manicured.
Growing in heart and height, fauna and fingers.
Eyes? Thoughts? Breath?

Then. Trees.

Cut, cracked and moulded telling human stories.
Outward bark removed internally eternally sliced.
Growing in use and need.
Wine? Railways? Fenceposts?

Now. Trees.

Empty, left, unwanted by us.
Outwardly aged and softened.
Shrinking in heart and structure.
Blind? Thoughtless? Breathless?


I see you. I feel you. I breathe you.
Hardwood sleeper. Totara post. Oak Barrel stave.
Externally internal.
Growing in heart and structure- telling stories.
Recovered. Restored. Remembered.

After. Trees.

I am humbled. Uncovered.